We are proud to announce the LAUNCH of our BRAND NEW 360 degrees walkthrough service – After our feedback and successful trials with one of our clients vessels – we are the FIRST to bring this technology to the Offshore Oil and Gas market.

As always we AIM to continue to develop our services to assist our growing and changing client base.

What are the uses of AIMS 360 Degrees?

  • An excellent marketing tool which can be sent to prospective Clients / Charterers showcasing the vessel you are offering.
  • Ideal for safety inductions. If you are getting new contractors onboard you can send them the link, prior to arriving onboard the vessel, and they can familiarise themselves with escape routes / messrooms / dayrooms / workspaces.
  • New crew joining – again you can issue the link so that they can familiarise themselves with vessel layout. Ideal for Bridge watchkeepers and Engineroom personnel.
  • Pre-inspection – send the link to an auditor who may be attending for CMID / OVID / Vessel Assurance inspections and they can make themselves familiar with the vessel.
  • Incident investigation – if you have an incident onboard then the site of the incident can be ‘walked over’, by investigation teams, to assess whether the fabric of the vessel was complicit with the root cause. We can mobilise, after a serious incident, and scan the whole incident area (post incident) for any new hazards.
  • Are you considering any material changes / upgrades / conversions to your vessel? The scanned walkthrough can be loaded onto CAD and used as a scaled view of the area for conversion.
  • Do you have shore-based contractors attending to upgrade your accommodation / galley / messroom furniture / equipment? Save a site visit by sending them the link and they can address all issues prior to attending the vessel.
  • Are you putting your vessel up for sale? Showcase it with your Broker by adding the link and attract more potential buyers than just with a few photographs.
  • Add the VR (Virtual reality) option for showcasing your vessel.

WHY AIMS 360 Degrees?

With the ever changing market and landscape – we believe that it’s applications can make your company/vessels stand out from the rest. With many years of experience working in the industry our operators and team understand the scope/layout of vessels to ensure highest quality return in regards to service.

As we approach the NEW YEAR we are already taking bookings for 2018 – so don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more-  head across to our services tab – https://aims-limited.com/services/360-degrees-walkthrough/